Welcome to my website about my veterinary life. I was one of BBC 2's "Young Vets" and here you will find all the lastest news and updates on my experiences within the veterinary world, as well as interesting thoughts and facts about the veterinary industry.


Why veterinary?

Have you ever thought about becoming a vet?

Do you want a career that is always changing? One where you learn new things every day? One where every day you are presented with a new puzzle to solve? One where you make a difference to the people and animals around you?

The veterinary industry has fantastic career potential, with many different career paths.

Click here to find out exactly why I wanted to become a vet.

The plight of the rhinos

In 2014, 1215 rhinos in South Africa were poached for their horns, which are believed to contain medicinal properties. This is growing exponentially every year, and has grown 7000% in just 6 years!

At the beginning of the 20th century there were over 500,000 rhinos in the wild. Now there are just 29,000. At this rate, rhinos will soon become extinct.

To find out more about rhino conservation, visit:


Dogs die in hot cars

Each year the RSPCA receives around 6000 calls about dogs in hot cars. Dogs have a minimal ability to sweat and so instead they cool down via panting. This is not as effective and they can easily die of heat-stroke. A car can double in temperature in 60 minutes, so if it's 25 degrees outside, it is 50 degrees inside!

If you see a dog shut in a hot car, call the police or the RSPCA.

Click here to watch a video on how I dealt with being in a car for 30 minutes on a 27 degree day.

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